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New 2017 – Toronto Islands Fishing Node – Trout Pond – Hanlans

Fall and Winter 2016 The TRCA constructed its newest fishing node (access point) at Toronto Islands
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The Future of Fishing Is In Your Hands!

The Future of Fishing Is In Your Hands!

Safety – Fish Safely – Practice Common Sense.

Responsibility – Understand and Respect MNR Fishing Regulations.

Respect Other People – Other Anglers and Non-Anglers.

Respect and Protect Fish, Birds and Wildlife.

Respect and Protect Aquatic and Shoreline Habitats.

Do Not Litter – Keep Our Waters and Shorelines Clean.

Use Care and Responsibility When Disposing of Fishing Line.

(Discarded Fishing line Can Kill Birds, Reptiles and Wildlife)

Practice Catch and Release.

Promote Recreational Fishing by Sharing Knowledge, Skills and Ethics.

Toronto Islands Fishing Node – Long Pond


Outer Harbour Fishing Access Node