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2017 Fall Shoreline Clean Up – Don River @ Pottery Road

2017 Spring Shoreline Clean Up – Outer Harbour

2016 Fall Shoreline Clean Up Don River – Pottery Road

2016 Spring Shoreline Clean Up – Humber Marshes

2015 Fall Shoreline Clean Up – Outer Harbour

Spring Shoreline Cleanup April 26, 2015 Humber Bay Park East

TUFA is at it again, in conjunction with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Please join us for our annual spring time shoreline clean up, we will be at the Humber Bay Park, east side, Cleaning along the shoreline of Mimico creek. It’s going to be a great day of good friends, new friends and fishing afterwards…you cant beat that. Everything will be provided, all you have to do is show up with your friends and family. All the information can be found in the link below, don’t forget to officially register with the GCSC website.
Thanks everyone for supporting the Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassadors.
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Humber Bay Park April 26, 2015 info / register

The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up Fall 2014 Don River North of Pottery Rd


Fall Target Don River Pottery Road to Beechwood Drive.

Don River Watershed TRCA Study

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Spring 2014 Tommy Thompson Park

spring shore cleanup 2014reduced

1. Micro plastics, with over 2029 counted, and i am sure this number is 5 folds, they were raking micro plastics from the beach in bag fulls.
2. Plastic bottle caps  1375 counted, again there was more collected.
3. Plastic beverage bottles, 1110 ++ it is staggering the amount of water bottles out there.
We also had collected a whole wack of other objects both big and small, from tires(3) to toys(19) tampons(150 ansd straws came in at 802, plastic bags 348 strappping for packaging 112. The list goes on.
A big thank you to everyone who participated, thanks once again. Stay tuned for some more shoreline cleanup action in September 2014, we will be cleaning up a stretch of the Don River.
David Kearney
Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassador


The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up Fall 2013 Humber River

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Spring 2013 Grenadier Pond, High Park



Big Thank You to everyone who came out and gave Grenadier Pond a little “spring cleaning”!

Special Thank You to Councillor Sarah Doucette and MP Peggy Nash who showed their “hands on Leadership” by joining us in the clean up.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up Fall 2012

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Cleanup Summary


Canadian Rivers Day Sunday June 08, 2014

Canadian Rivers Day is celebrated on June 08, 2014. Canadian Rivers Day is held annually on the second Sunday in June to promote public awareness of the importance of preserving the heritage and health of Canada’s rivers. It is an opportunity for all Canadians to honour and commemorate the important sustaining role of rivers in Canada and globally. Participating in rivers day helps to spread the message that rivers are vital to maintain a healthy ocean and a healthy earth. Canadian Rivers day helps raise awareness of the splendor of rivers and their value to our land.


Ron Tugnol’s Video of Canada’s Rivers Day 2014 and TUFA.

Canadian Rivers Day 2013 Humber River

respect our rivers

2012 Metro East Anglers Coho Salmon Egg Harvest

TUFA assists Metro East Anglers with Egg Harvest

Ringwood Fish Hatchery