The Future of Fishing Is In Your Hands!

The Future of Fishing Is In Your Hands!

Safety – Fish Safely – Practice Common Sense.

Responsibility – Understand and Respect MNR Fishing Regulations.

Respect Other People – Other Anglers and Non-Anglers.

Respect and Protect Fish, Birds and Wildlife.

Respect and Protect Aquatic and Shoreline Habitats.

Do Not Litter – Keep Our Waters and Shorelines Clean.

Use Care and Responsibility When Disposing of Fishing Line.

(Discarded Fishing line Can Kill Birds, Reptiles and Wildlife)

Practice Catch and Release.

Promote Recreational Fishing by Sharing Knowledge, Skills and Ethics.

2015 Urban Fishing Festival Humber Bay Park East July 12

poster fishing 02 working copy

Toronto Islands Urban Fishing Festival 2015

Topham Pond 2015

unnamed (2)

The Great Ontario Salmon Derby


The Great Ontario Salmon Derby 2015

2015 OFAH / OPG TackleShare Loaner Sites Toronto & GTA

loaner site

Through OFAH/OPG Tackleshare loaner sites, youth and new anglers can sign out a rod and reel, as well as an assortment of tackle the same way they would sign out library materials. These locations facilitate the lending program by maintaining fishing equipment and other educational materials and providing them to youth and new anglers for free.

OFAH / OPG TackleShare Loaner Sites across GTA 2015

Albion Hills Conservation Area
Note:Approved Site Awaiting Tackle
Toronto Region Conservation
16500 Hwy 50
L7E 3E7

Tommy Thompson Park
Toronto Region Conservation
5 Shoreham Drive
M3N 1S4

Indian Line Campground
Toronto Region Conservation
7625 Finch Ave West
L6T 3Y7

Glen Haffy Conservation Area
Toronto Region Conservation
19245 Airport Road
L7K 2K4

Heart Lake Conservation Area
Toronto Region Conservation
10818 Heart Lake Road
L6Z 0B3

Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen Street East
Ralph Thornton Centre
M4M 1H3

Lake Ontario Waterkeepeer
231 Wallace Ave
2nd Floor

Toronto Island Boathouse
Toronto Island Recreation
c/o 9 Queen’s Quay West, Ferry Docks
M5J 2H3

Eastview Community Centre
86 Blake St
M4J 3C9

Urban Fisheries Map

Tororoto Urban Fishing Opportunities

Toronto Urban Fishing Opportunities

GTA Fishing Opportunities


 GTA Fishing Opportunities PDF

Fishes of Toronto Book

Fishes of Toronto

Fishes of Toronto Book – Fishing Opportunities

Fishes of Toronto Book – Fishing Opportunities

Urban Fishing in Toronto – The Book

Urban Fishing in Toronto
A practical guide to fishing the Toronto shoreline


Click the image to access the bookstore page



From Ashbridges Bay Park in the east, across to the mouth of the Humber River in the west. Urban Fishing in Toronto offers practical insights and detailed pointers on where to get started with some of the best urban fishing opportunities available. Detailed attention is given in particular to the Toronto Island and Tommy Thompson Parks, as both are large venues in their own right, holding significant variations in fish habitat, and generating by far the most questions on where to start.

Ontario Out Of Doors Magazine Review

Where To Fish

Where To Fish Ontario Shore Fishing Opportunities. By Ratnak Vann Where To Fish is a youtube collection of videos that TUFA member Ratnak Vann has professional filmed and assembled. These videos document many of the wonderful shoreline fishing opportunities available around the GTA. Please enjoy exploring these opportunities. Where To Fish - click here for link.

Fishing The Toronto Islands


Toronto and GTA Fishing Regulations 2015

2015 OMNRF Fishing Regulations

Zone 20 Lake Ontario Waters

2015 Zone 20 Regulations

FMZ 20 Legal Map Boundaries

FMZ 20 Map Details Specific GTA

FMZ 20 info

Zone 16 Aurora Inland

2015 Zone 16 Regulations

FMZ Legal Map Boundaries

FMZ 16 Map Details Specific GTA

FMZ 16 info

Fish Consumption Guide Toronto Waterfront Area

july30 010

Fish Consumption Guide Toronto Waterfront

Ontario Guide To Eating Sports Fish 2015 – 2016

Ontario Guide to Eating Ontario Fish

Catch Fishing Booklet



Take a Kid Fishing Book

take a kid fishing

Take a Kid Fishing Book

Catch and Release Fish Handling and Care


Bass Care


Fishing Line Recycling Receptacles

Fishing Line Recycling Receptacles

Spring 2015 Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassador is pleased to announce that a total of 50 “Fishing Line Recycling Receptacles” have or are in the process of being installed across the Toronto Waterfront Parks and a few selected inland parks with fishing ponds. These receptacles have been strategically placed at popular shore fishing areas for anglers to deposit used fishing line. Throughout the season, volunteers with TUFA will monitor these receptacles, empty and collect used line as required, then once each year we will send the used line to Berkley-Pure Fishing. From there, the line will be recycled and made into Berkley Fish-Habs… habitat structures that enhance our public fisheries. Why install these receptacles?

“We recognized that improperly discarded fishing line is not only unsightly garbage, but that it can be hazardous (risk of entanglement) to wildlife such as birds, waterfowl and turtles. We wanted to highlight the need for anglers to properly dispose of their used line, at the source while they were fishing.”

TUFA would like to thank all the Toronto Park’s Managers for permission to install these receptacles in the parks. Thanks for supporting this endeavor to maintain clean and safe shorelines for all to enjoy.

Location of Fishing Line Receptacles Across Toronto’s Waterfront

Berkley-Pure Fishing Line Recycling Program


Catch and Release Minute featuring Ken Kansas Manitoba Biologist on Uncut Angling TV Show

Ken Kansas a Manitoba Biologist outlines Catch and Release tips on Uncut Angling.

Uncut Angling is an all Canadian content fishing show with edge and passion.

proper tackle for the size and species of fish

landing nets

hook removal gear

handling fish with gloves

handling fish in the winter

holding fish for photos

getting the fish back in the water

releasing the fish in the water

Toronto Fishing Charter with Les Stroud of Survivor Man

Toronto Pike – Real Fishing Show 2013

Vintage Taro Murata Fish City, Toronto’s Waterfront

Taro Fishing the Harbourfront

Recreational Fisheries Plan 2015 Public Consultations

plan announcement

Aquatic Habitat Fisheries Plan Consultations 2015 Announcement

Lake Ontario North Shore Urban Recreational Fisheries Plan 2015 Public Consultation Toronto Part 1/4

Lake Ontario North Shore Urban Recreational Fisheries Plan 2015 Public Consultation Toronto Part 2/4>

Lake Ontario North Shore Urban Recreational Fisheries Plan 2015 Public Consultation Toronto Part 3/4

Lake Ontario North Shore Urban Recreational Fisheries Plan 2015 Public Consultation Toronto Part 4/4

Urban Fisheries Management Plan – Toronto Recreational Fishing

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources,  have undertaken the task of developing a Recreational Fisheries Plan.



Final Project Charter June 2013

Project Charter Technical Team







Overview Presentation June12, 2013

Improving Urban Angling Opportunities Presentation

Fishing Facts, Festivals and Opportunities

Toronto Star Article: Fish Tagging

Toronto Star Article 2: Fish Tagging

Toronto Star Article: Fish Habitats

National Post Article: Electrofishing

Toronto Sun Article: Fish Condos

Toronto Star Article: Casting lines

Globe and Mail Article: Clean Little Secret

National Fishing Week 2015


Urban Fishing Festivals 30th Anniversary Locations:

Toronto Islands Centre Island
Sunday July 05, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Directions:  Take the ferry to Centre Island and then walk to the Big White Bridge before the fountain.
Partners: City of Toronto, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Ontario Chinese Anglers Association, Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassadors Canadian National Sportsman Shows, Ontario Power Generation, OFAH Tackle Share, Kids and Cops & Canadian Tire, MNR Aurora District
A limited number of rods and reels can be borrowed on a first come first serve basis. Bait is supplied at no cost.


2015 Urban Fishing Festival 
Humber Bay Park East
Sunday July 12, 2015 10am-2pm
Car Directions: Park Lawn Rd. south of Lake Shore Blvd. West where Park Lawn Rd. turns into Humber Bay Park Road and then into Humber Bay Park East Parking Lot.
Hike or Bike the Martin Goodman Trail along the Waterfront
TTC: North/South Bus 66 south from Old Mill Station to stop Park Lawn Rd. at Lake Shore Blvd West.
TTC: East/West 501 Streetcar to Lake Shore Blvd. West at Park Lawn Rd

Toronto Sportsmen’s Show 2015


Spring Fishing and Boat Show 2015


Topham Pond Family Fishing Week 2014


Topham Pond Video

Toronto Islands Family Fishing Week 2014

Family Fishing Week Grenadier Pond 2014

Topham Pond Family Fishing Week 2013


Toronto Islands Family Fishing Week 2013

Grenadier Pond Family Fishing Week 2013


Photos from the Family Fishing Day may be viewed at this site

sat grenadier pond

Toronto Islands Family Fishing Week 2012

long fish1W

Grenadier Pond Family Fishing Week 2012

CUPE Local 79 Family Picnic 2014

Local 79 Family Picnic Video

Cupe Local 79 Picnic @ High Park 2013


Outdoor Classroom Grenadier Pond, High Park Oct, 2012

Oct 24 Outdoor Classroom
Content from website Oct 25,2012
Pro Angler David Chong wrote the following article:
National Prostaff Report

The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up Fall 2014 Don River North of Pottery Rd


Fall Target Don River Pottery Road to Beechwood Drive.

Don River Watershed TRCA Study

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Spring 2014 Tommy Thompson Park

spring shore cleanup 2014reduced

1. Micro plastics, with over 2029 counted, and i am sure this number is 5 folds, they were raking micro plastics from the beach in bag fulls.
2. Plastic bottle caps  1375 counted, again there was more collected.
3. Plastic beverage bottles, 1110 ++ it is staggering the amount of water bottles out there.
We also had collected a whole wack of other objects both big and small, from tires(3) to toys(19) tampons(150 ansd straws came in at 802, plastic bags 348 strappping for packaging 112. The list goes on.
A big thank you to everyone who participated, thanks once again. Stay tuned for some more shoreline cleanup action in September 2014, we will be cleaning up a stretch of the Don River.
David Kearney
Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassador


The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up Fall 2013 Humber River

Spring Shoreline Cleanup April 26, 2015 Humber Bay Park East

TUFA is at it again, in conjunction with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Please join us for our annual spring time shoreline clean up, we will be at the Humber Bay Park, east side, Cleaning along the shoreline of Mimico creek. It’s going to be a great day of good friends, new friends and fishing afterwards…you cant beat that. Everything will be provided, all you have to do is show up with your friends and family. All the information can be found in the link below, don’t forget to officially register with the GCSC website.
Thanks everyone for supporting the Toronto Urban Fishing Ambassadors.
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Humber Bay Park April 26, 2015 info / register

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Spring 2013 Grenadier Pond, High Park



Big Thank You to everyone who came out and gave Grenadier Pond a little “spring cleaning”!

Special Thank You to Councillor Sarah Doucette and MP Peggy Nash who showed their “hands on Leadership” by joining us in the clean up.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up Fall 2012

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Cleanup Summary


Canadian Rivers Day Sunday June 08, 2014

Canadian Rivers Day is celebrated on June 08, 2014. Canadian Rivers Day is held annually on the second Sunday in June to promote public awareness of the importance of preserving the heritage and health of Canada’s rivers. It is an opportunity for all Canadians to honour and commemorate the important sustaining role of rivers in Canada and globally. Participating in rivers day helps to spread the message that rivers are vital to maintain a healthy ocean and a healthy earth. Canadian Rivers day helps raise awareness of the splendor of rivers and their value to our land.


Ron Tugnol’s Video of Canada’s Rivers Day 2014 and TUFA.

Canadian Rivers Day 2013 Humber River

respect our rivers

2012 Metro East Anglers Coho Salmon Egg Harvest

TUFA assists Metro East Anglers with Egg Harvest

Ringwood Fish Hatchery

Invasive Species – Asian Carp

asian carp conf

Asian Carp Public Forum Agenda V13

Asian Carp Invasive Species

Asian Carp Video

Asian Web Site

The Great Lakes Commission (GLC)

Lake Ontario Evenings – Micro Plastics


Lake Ontario Evenings “Alien Invaders of the Great Lakes” Edition


Lake Ontario Evenings: Hidden Secrets of the Lake

loe hiddense

Lake Ontario Evenings “Weathering the Storms Edition”


Lake Ontario Evenings “Bottoms Up Food Web Edition”

Lake Ontario Evenings